Congratulations Senator-Elect Webb! Congratulations Senator-Elect Tester

Congratulations to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid! Great day in the Morning! Hallelujah!

Congrats of course to winners everywhere (most especially to those in the mainstream, majoritarian party, the Democratic Party). A Democratic-led House of Representatives! Speaker Nancy Pelosi! A Democratic majority in the Senate! Hoo-boy. Some hope, at last, that we may pull back from the brink.

In Virginia the Republican candidate for the Senate is the racist thug brownshirt liar George Felix Allen, and in Montana the Republican candidate for Senate is the corrupt firefighter-hating Abramoff flunky Conrad Burns. They’re backed by the full force of the Repubiican Bush/Cheney/Rove crime family, er, national party who rightly fear marginalization if not impeachment, trial and conviction if two more Democratic senators are seated, so don’t expect them to go down without a fight — a nasty, dirty, dishonest fight. But Tester and Webb and Reid are no patsies, and a fair count will prevail.

It will be easier to concentrate on my day job today. Somehow the dread is much, much less oppressive this morning.


  1. welp, let’s hope the Dems don’t fuck up their chance. because sadly, most of them are just dipshit politicians too. less evil for sure, but still kinda… dumb. you know?

  2. Glad you’re back and that reducing the vituperation thing has passed. đŸ™‚

    Actually, this helps me out a lot on my day job. More analysis to come.

  3. I was also amused that Rich Tarrent, former CEO of a former employer, lost badly in his bid for a senate seat in Vermont. To a socialist. And it cost him $7 million out of his own pocket to do so.

    We former employees all tell the story of how he tried to motivate us peons once: he talked about how his son came home from college on summer and worked for a relative who put up and took down tents for various functions and gatherings. The kid said he really enjoyed his job. Then Rich asked him “how much are you making?” His son replied “I have no idea.”

    The point that Rich was trying to make, I guess, is that we should all love our jobs so much, we don’t pay attention to how much we make. All of us, of course, couldn’t relate. Of course the kid didn’t care how much he as getting paid because he was the son of one of the richest men in Vermont! He was just killing time between semesters of whatever Ivy League school his daddy bought him into.

    That, in a nutshell, pretty much sums up what’s wrong with (many of) the Republicans.

  4. gse: you old cynic you.

    Harold: well, I know Michael J. Fox, and I, sir, am no Michael J. Fox. That “no vituperation” stuff lasted all of a day. I’ll see if I can get back to it some time. Republicans do seem to bring that out of me, but now that they’re a marginalized minority maybe I can learn to be more magnanimous. Not to mention that my prognostications were evidently wrong on both counts. Allen and Burns did go down without a nasty, dirty, dishonest fight. My apologies.

    Gary: What you said.

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