“Comedy stylings of a libertarian blowhard”

James Wolcott, whose work I would link to more frequently if it did not so show me up as a pale Wolcott wannabe, has a little thing up on his blog about Penn Jillette, the blowhard aforementioned. As usual, he’s spot on, only this time, with one sour note. He says that Penn Jillette

with his long, lank locks resembles an angry mutation of Jeff Bridges’ Dude in The Big Lebowski

Now, that is just totally unfair to the Dude, and I’ll leave it at that, for to make a bigger deal out of it would be supremely un-Dude-like. What Wolcott meant to say, I’m sure he would have realized if he had just waited a minute before posting, is that Jillette looks just like Eugene Levy’s Mitch Cohen from A Mighty Wind.

After the fold: take a look and see if I’m lying.

Mitch Cohen and Penn Jillette: separated at birth?


  1. Well, they both have odd beards, but one has heavy eyebrows and the other has thin ones, so my personal jury is still out.

  2. Well, it’s the dementedness that shines through to me in both cases. Have you seen “A Mighty Wind”?

    Of course you’re right, I was just funnin’. But Mitch Cohen is much closer to the core of Jillette than the Dude is; that much is certain.

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