Chips in the brain

I keep trying to get myself ready for the future, and I keep failing.

On the other hand things like this used to scare me to death, and now they only give me the screaming heebie-jeebies. So I guess that’s “progress”?

Or not?


  1. Need not be scared!

    You’re neglecting the vast piles of dough to be made and oh the fun in making it. It’d be great for the economy. And think of the MadAve angle: Tired of choking on pretzels?NEW! INTELLICHIPS! From Wise, of course. Betcha can’t implant just one! Not happy with the two-party system? Pop ‘em in your mouth and they’ll do the rest! One blissful party for life!

    And heart healthy – No Hydrogenated Oils!

    JRS – on a more serous note I finished Apostles some months ago. Johnny I was taken right in. Hack? Beggin your pardon but You ain’t no hack. Hope all is well.

  2. Why thank you. And I need a shot of confidence as I’m pretty wraped up in book number three right now. It’s hard to make oneself write a novel unless one is convinced one really does have what it takes to do it. . .



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