Cage Match! Late to his Own Funeral!

So today’s my day in the Blog Tour De Force Cage, and I overslept! Oy! What a way to start one’s mixed martial arts career! So, without further ado, here’s a big hello and best wishes to my esteemed opponent Kimberly Kinrade and her poignant story, poem, dream collection about a love gone violently off the rails, Bits of You & Pieces of Me.

Blog Tour de Force Cage Match

Hope I don't get my lights punched out

Representing me in the ring is my Acts of the Apostles, a nanopunk biopunk cypberpunk thriller in the “Neal Stephenson meets Flannery O’Connor and Michael Crichton and Joseph Conrad” tradition, or as Hemos said on Sashdot oh so many years ago, “What Tom Clancy would write if he were smart”.

I’ll update this post as the day goes on, after coffee, but I think I’ had better get this up on my site soon, lest I lose this match by default!

Everybody who comments here today gets a free ebook version of Acts. Be sure to leave me an email addy. One lucky reader gets ebook versions of all three of my books, and a signed, printed copy of any one of my titles. More anon! Let the pummeling commence resume.

UPDATE 4/21: My day in the cage is over. I’m grateful for all the love in the comments. It was quite a showing of support. Alas, I did get my ass pretty roundly & soundly kicked by new Champeen Kimberly, but all in all I’m happy with the turnout. I’ll be sending out coupons today to people who posted yesterday. You can redeem them for a free ebook version of Acts of the Apostles from in the ebook format of your choice. Free ebook giveaway is now over; if you missed out feel free to buy a copy. They’re cheap!


  1. Your book certainly sounds interesting and I look forward to giving it a good read and maybe even a review to boot!

  2. Good luck with the contest. I’d love to have an opportunity to check out your book.

    sdrennon at satx dot rr dot com

  3. hi John! i commented earlier on a different post lol. i was that eager. nano/cyber/biopunk thriller sounds like a formidable combination! i would love to read this book! good luck to you and Kimberly. c”,)


  4. I’m thinking about buying another copy of AotA. I keep loaning mine to people and not getting them back.

    (At least I remember who has it this time. I hope she finishes it soon; I kinda want to read it again.)

  5. Hello all, & thanks for comments. I’ll send out coupons for free ebooks at the end of the day.

    Eann, I’m tempted to point out that “loan” is a noun and “lend” is the related verb, but that might make me sound like a pedant, and more importantly, I don’t want to piss off a repeat customer!

  6. Good luck with the cage match Johnny! There’s some hefty rhetoric going on over at Kimberly’s already. She’s even got hashtags! Hashtags, man! I saw at least, like seven of them.

    It’s like watching one of those old-timey Colosseum fights, only you both get to live. And it’s about book. And blogs. So, really, nothing like one of those fights.

  7. I think I already have all those books, signed, so if you draw my name, re-draw. That being said, one can never have too many copies of Acts. A damn fine read, and one that I never tire of.

  8. “I overslept”….

    Perhaps your alarm clock was hacked?

    Hope to read your book soon and catch up with you sometime

  9. Correspondence schools, class cheers, and “late for my own funeral.” How could I not post a comment? My school had a yearly event called “Freshman Glee” and a dunk in the mill stream for the losing class, but not cheer. Not that I remember. But I kind of get the stamp in the lower left corner bit. Judging by the brief descriptions above, I really NEED to read your books. Good luck! The left coast is just awakening…

  10. Ok I’m intrigued. Your book sounds fascinating! Good luck to you in the Cage Match!

  11. Parts of Acts were inspired by the old New England tech companies, notably Digital Equipment Corp., where my wife and many other people I knew worked. It’s a nice nostalgic evocation of another time (along with some rather disturbing futurism).

  12. An e-copy of AoA! That would go so well with my physical copy! I could even print it out and put them right next to each other to keep each other company.

    Wait, aren’t you supposed to be working on Creation Science? Get back to work!

    (Should I click on the confirm I’m not a spammer button below this? It’s not clear to me that such a content-free post should be considered un-spam (meat?).)

  13. I look forward to reading your book and good luck with the contest.

  14. Damn fine book. I think I’ll do a 3rd read.

  15. You had me at nanopunk. Best of luck in the match and I’m looking forward to getting a copy to read.

    kolists a/t gmail dt com

  16. Where have I been hiding that I had not heard of your book? Definitely has me intrigued! Good luck with the match.

  17. AotA sounds like a whole different style of book, and I look forward to reading it! Should I put my email in the comment or can you get it from the post-a-comment form field?

  18. Thanks, all. Seems that my trusty blog software is capturing your email addys, so no need to send that separately if you’ve already entered it to post comment.

  19. I am very interested to read your book and win something!! Count me in. My email . I will be waiting. Good Luck.

  20. I would love a chance to read your book…Good luck in the cage match!

    carolewooten at sbcglobal dot net

  21. Wow, lots of reviews. Including repeats, Google cites over 4,500:

  22. Now, would the post — or the ebook — be about the original famous Acts, or the new famous original revised Acts? What’s the word on the latter?

  23. Which seems apropos to ask if multiple separate comments by the same person, on different subjects, helps you in the cage match, or for that matter helps the commenter in chances of winning?

    Oh, dear, the arithmetic is getting harder in the security question. I might not be able to keep up…

  24. Hmm this is interesting. I know YOUR comments on your blog don’t count. But do repeat comments from the same person? Well, you might need them today! 🙂 Your book was intelligent, fun and what a twist. #lovedit And yes, I came armed with #hashtags today! #Bringit

    In the end, when I am crowned sovereign, (oh wait, wrong game, well #whateve) at least I know I have been given a worthy opponent!

    Oh dear, I’m seeing I must do math to prove I am human. Is this a conspiracy? Since when is humanness based on math skills. No one told me this! I think, John, that you are trying to trick me! #ahwell

    Good luck today friend. #youwillneedit 🙂

  25. Ok, I’m throwing you an extra one. Let it be known that I am sick today, and all typos to my previous comment (um, YOUR not You’re #Duh!) are due to this stomach ache that will not go away.

    There, you have an extra point. #maybe

  26. lol sleep in? I love sleeping in!!

    Good luck today!

    jgrissum AT msn DOT com

  27. Thanks, one and all. No need to enter your email; the blog software captures it for me.

    Kimberly, sorry you’re not feeling well. I fixed the typos. This is the age of chivalry, isn’t it?

  28. Oversleeping isn’t a good way to start off this cage match! But best of luck to you, and I look forward to reading your book.

    “Neal Stephenson meets Flannery O’Connor and Michael Crichton and Joseph Conrad”. Now that sounds like a cage match I’d like to see.

  29. I’m two chapters into “Acts” and it’s getting interesting … alas, my available bandwidth for reading is at an all time low. Good luck with the cage match …

  30. Oy! A fighter never sleeps but I’m glad you got some beauty sleep though. Now on to the battle!
    Oh and there’s a great review right here
    I’m getting all excited….


    oh, what’s 15 + 11?

  31. A nanopunk biopunk cypberpunk thriller in the “Neal Stephenson meets Flannery O’Connor and Michael Crichton and Joseph Conrad” tradition. Now that’s something I would like to read.
    Good luck on the cage match!

  32. I’ve been meaning to read your books and you say I get one for the price of a measly blog comment? Say, that sounds like a deal. Though if you want, you could sweeten the deal and offer (cryptographically) signed free ebooks. Maybe find a pdf of the first edition of the book. Free signed first editions for all!

  33. Hey Marc!

    Lolz! I have an even better idea! Why don’t *you* sweeten the deal and buy my other two books, since I’m giving you one free. That sounds like a win win win win win situation, don’t it?

  34. I could write another blog post or come here and tell everyone what a fab writer John is. Easy choice. John is one of those folks that has a way of dispelling reality. You fall into his world within a page and weep when you turn the final page.

    John, may you kick ass today and every day. And as always, I look forward to reading MORE of your work.

  35. And I forgot one more thing – here in Texas, volunteer firefighters are a special breed. Don’t know if you folks are aware, but John is one of those selfless people. If you respect the volunteers that keep us safe, help John – get three of this books, one for you, one for your best friend, and one to give away as a random act of kindness.

  36. hOOO bOOOOY – your guys are comin out swingin !!! I want to thank you for the fun of following your blog / cage match today. I finely got my cup of coffee and my brain is slowing perking up and the adrenalin is going so keep on swingin !! You are a new author to me and as I am a confirmed readaholic I really really appreciate receiving a copy of your book it sounds like a new twist for me to sink my bifocals into and everyone can use a new twist now and then. Good luck and thank you for all your efforts.

  37. I want you to win, just because mentioning Neal Stephenson immediately made me think about the Delivertor. And you should deliverate a can of whoop-butt narration on all comers.

  38. I like a good thriller more than I like a love story.

  39. Rereading Acts after buying it back in 2000.

    Thanks again!

  40. My physical copy of “Acts of the Apostles” is packed away somewhere, so an ebook version will make it easy to take another look at it.

  41. John. Ok, how about this: I’ll pay for your virtual book if you will accept my virtual currency as payment. I’ll give you six bitcoins. That should be slightly better than six USD at today’s exchange rate. Also, what’s with the captcha? I was under the impression that solving simple math is one of the things that computers are better at than humans.

  42. Acts of the Apostles had too much sex and suspense in it for me, so I went back to to Dreiser and Hawthorne. Ya know, the kind of books that don’t keep you up at night.

  43. Your book sounds interesting! I’ve heard great things about it 🙂

    Good luck today on your cage match!

  44. I love the clash of genres, “Acts of the Apostles” sounds like a great read. I look forward to putting it on my ereader. Good luck with the Cage Match!

  45. Sounds like a very interesting read. Can’t wait to try it out. Good luck on your cage match today.

  46. Hi John. Just stopping in to offer well wishes for Blog Tour de Force.

  47. Your book really looks good. I have seen a few remarks about it, all good!! Good luck on your match!!!!


  48. Does the free ebook offer extend to indentured servants err… blog cohorts?

  49. Looks like you could use a few more comments. I would much rather read your book. I’m not much of a short story/poetry girl. I’ll take a thriller any day.

    christygibbon at juno dot com

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