Building the Overmind, one pizza at a time

This little simulation is as distressing as it is amusing.

Which, I realize I’m delinquent in commenting on the three-card monte in which Bush & Pointdexter play “now you see it, now you don’t” with Total Information Awareness, but weariness forfends. Don’t worry however. Soon enough John of Wetmachine will make such a blog post about the all-compassing info-maw as to shake the Moloch/Overmind/Military-Industrial-Prison-WarInfotainment Complex to its very foundation!


  1. Click on the ‘Take Action” to stop this from happening. Get 404: Not Found at the ACLU Web site.

  2. I guess all that information is available right now to pretty much anybody through. As I understand it, you are not legally considered to own any of this personal information about your. In fact, the “Fair” Isaac trioka claims that THEY own the data and can give it to whomever pays them.

    I suppose that there’s some pretense of requiring that the receiver of the information has a business relationship with you. But with electronic commerce as it is, that seems to be anyone who can look up your email adress. Or consider evil cell phone company A that buys out evil cell phone company B with whom I had a contract. The service from A may suck, and I never signed up with A, but they still claim to the tune of $200 that I have a legal (if unintended) business relationship with them and an obligation to keep paying them.

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