Blogroll amnesty day redux

As we did last year, we’ll join blogroll amnesty day again this year.

I will observe a modified limited hangout limit of 72 links in my blogroll, which number is arrived at arbitrarily, but intended to keep the thing manageable. My jubiliee policy is in effect from now until such time as the limit is reached.

If you would like to be added to my blogroll, add me to yours, and send me your listing in the form thus wise:


You can either leave your particulars in the comments, or send via email to

mail [at sign][the name of my blog] dot com


  1. Hans:

    Done, thanks, and welcome!

  2. I appreciate it!

  3. We already blogroll each other.
    aka 40 Years in the Desert.

    Of course, I still have no clue as to what I am fracking doing.

  4. Matthew,

    Yes, and that is a joy. Because I’ve enjoyed getting to know your blog over the last year.

    My goal this year is to add ten new blogs to my reciprocal blog list. So far, I’ve got one. With several pending. . .

  5. john

    you have been added and thanks
    and i like it here

  6. distributorcap,

    Cool, thanks. Remind me to tell you stories of changing & setting distributor caps under the direction of my grandfather in the 1960’s — he a great automobile mechanic with a thick Swede-Finn accent and a bit of a temper, but a great, if somewhat impatient, teacher nonetheless.

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