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Well, when the business pages of the The New York Times are full of stories about transhumanism and Ray Kurzweil’s visions of our futures inside the Singularity, that means, I suppose, either that the world is finally ready to embrace my novels (which are full of singularity (“overmind”) stuff, not to mention nanomachines, lampoons of transhumanism, and vaguely Kurweillish techno-utopian evil villains ) or that my time has come and gone without my even noticing it (I guess I shoulda had a television so I could watch “Fringe”, sigh). I suppose if I ever were to get this site fixed I could find out if people were still interested in buying books from me. Note to self: get off ass, dammit!

In other news (which I found via the Kurzweil AI net), the military is working on some “local overmind” (“augmented reality”) technology, not unlike that used by The Eternals in the great Jack Kirby comic books of the late 70’s — of which I have a nearly complete set someplace, in proper comic-book bags. Wonder if it’s worth anything?

1. “In addition, groups of Eternals, as few as three at a time, can initiate a transformation into a gestalt being called the Uni-Mind, a vastly powerful psionic entity that contains the totality of the powers and abilities of all the beings that comprise it.” — Wikipedia


  1. Hi John,
    YES! The Singularity is coming fast, and the world is finally ready to embrace your novels, or at least this reader is. But, where are they? On many pages of this website you write things like “a link to a PDF download is below”, with no link below. Please, fix it – I always buy the printed version of the downloadable books that I like.
    Best – G.

  2. Hello Giulio,

    Well, my site has been broken for a while; nobody’s fault but mine.

    Ebooks of Acts available at

    You can find Acts here (PDF)

    And CCD here:

    And The Pains (html) here:

    I’ll have order forms for the print books up soon, but in the meantime if you would like to purchase from me, please send me a note. (They’re also available, Kindle and paper, from Amazon, although I make less $$ when you buy that way.

  3. Thanks John,
    I will read your books, then buy them.
    Yes, fix this blog, it has been one of my favorite blogs for some time.
    One more suggestion: The font used in this comment input widget (where I am typing now) is far too small. Yes, Kurzweil says we will have perfect vision someday, but this is not the case today.

  4. Giulio,

    About the small type in the comments — a CSS problem that we’ll fix soon (I hope). Meanwhile, I apologize for the inconvenience. If it’s any consolation, my eyesight is probably at least as bad as yours.

    About ordering my books

    By check in the mail:

    By paypal:

  5. I know you don’t have any (or at least not much) control over what ads the Google overmind drops into your site. But I’m still amused that Marco Rubio (Tea Party/Republican candidate for US Senate from Florida) keeps showing up, and make it a point to click through every time. And I’m simultaneously terrified that he has the cash to blow on blanketing his idiocy everywhere.

  6. Such generosity and cynicism and paranoia embodied in one simple click of the mouse! How very, very wetmachinish of you! And thanks for facilitating the transfer of $.25 of so from Mr. Rubio’s account to mine. It’s transactions like these that sustain my faith in capitalism (with a Kapital K!).

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