Doonesbury goes to MIT

The choice of which school would turn out to accept cartoon character Alex Doonesbury was decided by on-line poll. Heh. Those other schools never had a chance.

13,6-1,’86 IHTFP

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  1. Had it been up to me, I would have sent him or her (which gender is Alex?) to Wooster Polytech.

    I know that Doonesbury is a popular strip & I’m aware of some of the characters, for example the Hunter Thompson “Duke” character, and the invisible feather George Bush.

    But I can’t read the thing. The characters all look alike and sound alike. For example, is “Doonesbury” the name of an actual character, or just of the strip (like in “Peanuts”)? I’ve always found it confusing and boring. How I pine for the days of Pogo!

  2. wait – sundman can’t read doonesbury? wtf?

  3. It must be a genetic defect, as like when some people cannot see the difference between red and green. I can’t see the difference between any of the Doonesbury characters. I’ve never gotten into that strip, only read a few panels now and then. I don’t know any of the long story arcs or anything. Amazing, huh.

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