Toe-tappingly depressing

So, how can you spice up really bleak statistics like recent stock market performances of major companies and the death toll of soldiers in Iraq? Make them into music, using that new darling of blog posts, Microsoft Songsmith (obligatory holy crap moment as I realize I’m linking to a Microsoft product I’m not hating on). See and listen to the results at WFMU’s Beware of the Blog.

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  1. Gary is BACK!

    With another great old-skool post. When I say “old school” in this case, I mean, it reminds me of listening to WFMU, one of THE original “underground” radio stations, then out of East Orange, New Jersey, when I was a high school kid in the sixties.

    That music-charting is depressing-funny. Toe-tappingly so. Thanks.

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