They're after our precious BBQ!

In a sinister move hastening the day that we all have govenment chips implanted in our heads to monitor ThoughtCrimes,

CNN is reporting
about a chip being implanted in pork butts.

OK, so the chip was (allegedy) accidentally lost in some meat packing plant. But I don’t buy this for one moment. I encourage you all (well, OK, those of you who aren’t wisely keeping kosher) to use preventative measures normally reserved for your own person to secure your precious BBQ supply from the sinister secret government!

(link shamlessly stolen from boing boing)


  1. Gary,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Here is something that I did not now about the sinister secret governmnet (quoted from your source):

    They’re trying to get here, and when they get a response at 3.47, they can then be pulled here. But at latest count I’d say they’re losing right around 13% of their negative energy as they make the rebound from 3.0 to 3.47. So when they make that move dimensionally and lose that percentage of negativity, they actually become less negative than they’ve ever been; that’s an important point.

    So 3.47 is a strange feeling to them. On the one hand, they get frightened because they feel like they’re less in control (they’re warned that they will have these feelings); on the other hand, it gives them at least a minute exposure to what it might be like to have less negative energy. They can’t travel on light rays for obvious reasons, but when they are refocused in 3.47 utilizing a sound technique, they can stay here for only a short time. They’re not in their natural environment; they are imaging, and they can image in and out of physicality. They can hold physicality for some time, then they go into an alternate state. They cannot be here for more than three years, at which time they die – so this is a sacrificial mission. They come here either because they believe in what they’re doing or they’ve been coerced to do it (which is more often than not the case), and that’s it. At the end of their mission, they’re done.

  2. Channeling bees again, are we?

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