The End of Email Alerts

So, those of you who have signed up for email updates from the site may have seen a large vomit of spam from our site yesterday. Sorry about that. I loaded some posts in from a backup, and the WordPress plugin decided that meant it should send out alerts for those old posts again. Because, obviously.

In combating this latest accidental spam, I also noticed that the plugin in question has an unpatched security hole in it and has been withdrawn. So, I need to delete it ASAP. Instead of trying to find an alternative, I’m going to retire the email updates again, and this time permanently. When I mess up the site usually, the worst that happens is that it appears messed up in your browser. If I mess up something that involves email alerts, I can end up sending out thousands of junk emails. I’m tired of that.

To keep on top of updates at Wetmachine, you can subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter, or like our Facebook page. If you really must get email when the site is updated, you can try third-party email alert services. A quick Google turned up several, such as Blogtrottr and Feed My Inbox. Disclaimer: I’ve not tried the resources. Give them your email address at your own peril! I’m sure there are other ways to get email updates, such as some sort of Twitter-based email alerts. Again, Google (or Duck Duck Go, if you’re afeared of the “Don’t Be Evil” behemoth) is your friend.

And with that, our email update service signs off the air.

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