Shout Out to our Spammer Friends

Just a quick thank you to all those spammers out there who tried to use Wetmachine’s trackback feature to pump up the ratings of your worthless “hold ’em poker” web sites in search engines. While not a single one of your trackbacks were allowed through (thanks to the space-age technology of regular expression pattern matching), your rejected trackback submissions, all 16 thousand of them, take up space in our database.

So, thanks to you all, I’ve had to disable the trackback feature. I don’t think this hugely cripples the site, since we had only 5 legit trackbacks out of the 16,000+ in the database (leading to what has got to be one of the worst signal-to-noise rations I’ve ever seen).

It’s just bottom feeder greed, as usual, dumping shit in our communal water supply.


  1. I never could figure out what trackback is all about. As far as I can tell, it is exactly the same as leaving a comment that says, “I discuss this further at”, except that:
    1. It is far more confusing and takes much more effort to use as either author or reader.
    2. It bypasses all the usual safegards that are put in place for leaving comments.


  2. How do I get OFF the wetmachine mailing list???

    I do not have any original email from wetmachine with a secret password or anything else related to the sorry day I sent in my email address.

  3. Hmm… I manually deleted you from the mail list a few days ago, so you should no longer be recieving any mails from Wetmachine. Could you forward the most recent email you got to vengefultacos at gmail dot com?

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