Saying “I love you” with Science!

Well, here’s a novel use for bioengineering: culture a bone sample to grow onto a toroidal scaffold, and you can give a loved one a ring made out of your own bone.

Of course, after you die, you could also have your cremated ashes made into a diamond, and then set in that ring.

Nothing like saying “I love you” in an extreamely creepy way. Makes Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie’s idea of matching tattoos and vials of each other’s blood seem Victorian in comparison.

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  1. Hmmmm. . .

    I sense a business opportunity.

    Note this little “gem” from Stearns’ resume(See “Howard” in Blogblox entry to the right.):


    • Programmed embedded realtime control, kernels, device drivers, data display and recovery, messaging, realtime queues, and programmable logic controllers for very profitable line of high performance factory applications in engine manufacturing, hydraulics, and synthetic diamond manufacturing. Authored material for service, operations, and training.


    So, what do you think, Howard? A new line of Wetmachine diamond crematory keepsakes?

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