Noosifixes spotted in the wild!

The still unfinished masterpiece, The Pains, is already having a n impact on our culture, as evinced by this John Galliano fashion show, complete with models wearing nooses. Nooses! What could be more trendy? OK, maybe the knitted penis-gourds that they mentioned, but that’s probably just the thought of having a nice toasty penis-gourd on a cold and frosty New England morning.

Read The Pains now, and it’ll make you far more fashionable!

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  1. Now, I like to be a trend setter and all that, and I thought the “noosifix” was a clever conceit, but OMG, that fashion statement beyond is beyond tacky and camp and right in the middle of creepy.

    I guess I had better finish that book before it becomes completely redundant.

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