Chevy: Giving You the Tools to Mock Them

As a promotion of their new godawful planet-destroying SUV, Chevy gave us, the humble web denizens a chance to sing their praises by stitching together our own commercials selling their product. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, funny thing about web denizens… they tend not to do what you like.

As reported by Total Tactics some people are saying some unkind things about Chevy’s new behemoth.

Not to feel left out, I’ve added my own humble effort.

One Comment

  1. I like yours.

    I’ve seen a bunch of them, and most of them are great. Of course, it’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel, since the visuals supplied show a denuded earth, no people, and cars that appear as nothing more than mysterious empty doomsday escape devices.

    I take this opportunity to pose this this little teaser:

    Q: What kind of car does Gary drive?
    A: No.

    As a father who would like to imagine some kind of world will be left for my presumptive grandchildren, I commend your principled stand to use public or self-powered transportation only.

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