Better pets through Science!

Allergic to cats but still want one? You could medicate yourself constantly or, through the miracle of bioengineering, get in line to buy a hypo-allergenic cat. The marketers over at Allerca call it a “lifestyle pet.” Um… ok, I guess that’s a better term than Frankenpet…

It’ll be interesting if this use of “kinder, gentler” bioengineering makes the concept more acceptable with Joe six-pack. Right now, I suspect to most people, bioengineering seems like “messing with mother nature” on a grand scale. The public image of genetic engineering is pretty low: Frankenfoods! Bioweapons! But if bioengineering can enable people to have cats who never could before, will people have a change of heart?

Hopefully they won’t turn into some savage creature if you feed them after midnight, get them wet, or something.

Hmm… maybe we’ll need the bioengineered cats to fight off the rat-brained robots in the future…

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  1. It’s the Frankenkids that I’m worried about. I have enough problems with the kids from the rich suburbs already groomed by the parents from birth to be perfect at everything. Wait til they start engineering them!

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