Wetmachine makeover

Fans of Harold Feld’s “Tales of the Sausage Factory” and/or Howard Stearns’s “Inventing the Future” will be happy to note that those columns are now their own blogs within Wetmachine. TotSF and IfF posts will continue to be integrated on the Wetmachine front page, but if you just want the pure stuff (undiluted by my ramblings, e.g.) you can bookmark the column you want.

The respective urls are Tales and Inventing. You can also get to them from this page by clicking on their links to the right, under the heading “sections.”

We’ve also improved access to the archives. Other improvments, including rss feeds, will be forthcoming.

Thanks to Gary for pulling this together. . .


  1. You’re welcome

  2. Joshua Kronengold

    That’s great. Just a few questions, however.

    When will there be separate rss feeds for these sub-blogs (so they can be subscribed individually, as desired)?

    Has there been any thought to redesigning the site’s template so it scales better to small-format screens? On a handheld, the site is basically unusuable (due to having a sngle column of text on the right side of the page).

  3. Sorry, its a condition:

    “improvments” is a typo.

  4. Another vote for a seperate RSS feed.


  5. Yah John, it’s all about the RSS these days.

  6. Alright already. We shall await the good services of Gary, our intrepid webmaster.

    Y’all may be amused or appalled to learn that right after Gary implmented these changes, I, hoping to save him a little trouble, jumped in and “fixed” a few things — and thereby broke the site and cost him two hours of debug time.

    So I’m not going to get on Gary’s back for a little while, if you understand me. RSS feeds will appear in good time, my pretties. . .

  7. “Has there been any thought to redesigning the site’s template so it scales better to small-format screens?”

    Actually, yes. The site, as is, won’t even render on my Clie. So, a requirement of a site redesign is that it looks reasonably good even on my handheld :).

    Once all of the infrastructure work is done, we’ll be redesigning the look of the site. The blog software we use (Nucleus) is very flexible when it comes to layouts. If fact, we could create multiple looks for the site (one for the desktop browser, a “lite” version for handhelds, and potentially even a WAP version for cell phones).

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