Overmind & the Mark of the Beast

My friend Rick sends this link to a site that deals with UFOs and biblical prophecy. The section on the Mark of the Beast reminded me of Acts of the Apostles (the one I wrote, that is, not the earlier version by Luke. . .). Some good, wacky, scary stuff.


  1. Check out a good portion of rense.com, and start scanning your shortwave receivers for GCN Radio Networks. GCN carries this kind of stuff (and a lot of Uber Patriot, Militia style gonzo right wing religious nonsense) daily.

    I’m working up an article for HuSi on the whole phenomenon. I’ll drop a line if / when it’s complete.

    By the way, like the site very much.

  2. In their How to Debunk Just About Anything page (http://www.bibleufo.com/deb… copied from a book called The McDanel Report), this is my favorite quote:

    “Equate the necessary skeptical component of science with “all” of science. Emphasize the narrow, stringent, rigorous and critical elements of science to the exclusion of intuition, inspiration, exploration and integration. If anyone objects, accuse them of viewing science in exclusively fuzzy, subjective, or metaphysical terms.”

    If one doesn’t have rigor and skepticism along with intuition and exploration, and if one doesn’t use the critical faculty all the time — particularly in the middle of an inspiration — one is not a scientist. Period.

    On the other hand, it’s hard to argue with this: “ At the center, rapidly and successfully gaining control of it all, is corporate greed, dedicated to the obsessive, unbridled, and ethically absent pursuit of wealth.”

    Wacky site, John.

  3. I guess you guys know that many of us Christian fundie types think this guy’s logic is inverted. It is the bad angels in the UFOs.

    Trust me.

    Thanks for the link,

    wetmachine gets better all the time.

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