Here's blooking at you, Harold!

According to this post in the Sydney Morning Herald, books derived from blogs–inevitably given the doubly-condensed appelation “blooks”– are the hippest thing in publishingdome:

blooks – books based on blogs or websites – are beginning to reap returns for publishers. From the moment the adventures of Belle de Jour, the diary of a London call girl, jumped off the computer screen and onto the page, publishers saw the potential in dishing up our favourite on-screen pleasures in book format.

I know that our own Harold “Tales of the Sausage Factory” Feld has been toying with the idea of slapping printouts of his Wetmachine posts between two covers & selling the resultant, umm, blook, at a decent markup. Perhaps this article will inspire him to actually do it. But here’s my little bit of publishing advice, Harold: since “sex sells’, even in the blook world,

whether it’s the slightly grubby thrill of Girl With a One Track Mind (the ”diary of a sex fiend“) or a dip into Frank Warren’s PostSecret (a collection of anonymous postcards on which people reveal a secret), readers seem happy to buy them

be sure to give your blook a title that hints at something having to do with sex and secrets. Might I suggest, ”My Big Sausage, Just For You, Baby!”?


  1. I’d certainly buy Harold’s book. I think he is the most convincing persuasive writer I have ever read. I attribute this mainly to his command of the relevant facts, and his willingness to analyze the facts objectively rather than looking for facts that support the conclusions he wishes to reach.

  2. I blush.

    ctually, I’ve been working on it in my copious spare time. i just need someone to input my hand edits.

    Still, I suppose I should cash in before the fad fades.

  3. Cheryl Hagedorn

    I’ve posted about <a href=”…“>Harold’s forthcoming blook</a> and would like to be advised of developments as they occur đŸ™‚

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