Comprehensif Guide to Electronik Musik

Ishkur has graced the world with his own idiosyncratic taxonomy of electronic music. It can be found here. Worth looking at even if you hate the stuff.

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  1. Muy cool. Not only is it interesting taxonomically and musically, but it’s also apparently an exercise in Flash masochism. Well, not masochism, really. Just creakyness. It would be nifty to do something like this in a music-plasma/visual thesuarus kind of way, but I wouldn’t want to try that in anything other than Laszlo.

    Also, this reminds me of a cartoon history of rock music that I saw in the New Yorker a few years ago when Michelob was running a series of rock-history-theme beer commercials. The sources were as diverse as Scotch-Irish folk tunes and Senegambian griot, they all converged at BEATLES, which in turn gave rise dozens of subgeners that ended up at Michelob.

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