BoingBoing reunited with its evil twin! — The Conclusion of Cory Doctorow’s visit with Wetmachine

A few weeks ago Cory Doctorow, major-domo of House GeekZeitgeist, stopped by for a chat with Wetmechanics John and Gary. Earlier installments of our conversation can be found here and here.

Highlights from this episode:

  • Wetmachine is revealed as the evil twin of BoingBoing! (Or, in any event, its aspirations to same are revealed.)
  • Cory recapitulates how the seminal Clarion writer’s workshop was saved from extinction;
  • We explore the philosophical tug-o-war between the transhumanist and bioconservative impulses, touching on light subjects such as disabiliy rights and societal pressure to selectively abort “defective” fetuses in the post-Human-Genome-Project era.

You’ll get to hear Cory ignore my rambling introduction to my soon-to-be revealed novella The Pains as he paws Gary’s iAudio X5, the mp3 player used to record the interview. (Which, as Gary points out, is much more politically correct than a iPod, since it supports the open-sourced Ogg Vorbis audio format, and doesn’t contain any stinkin’ drm.)

Most tantalizing of all, you’ll get to hear Cory’s enthusiastic reponse to the killer illustrations from The Pains, soon to be appearing in a Wetmachine entry near you!



  1. Disallowed podcast? I expect this has something to do with our having had to disallow trackbacks?

    Anyway, please stay tuned until we get this straightened out. . .

  2. Fixed. There was a typo in the podcast link.

  3. By the bye it’s “Matthew” not “Matt.”

    A matt is for wiping feet. A Matthew is me.

  4. Apologies. It must have been I who mumbled. In my defense I can only point out that I seem to be at that point in my life where I mumble every other word and mangle every other name, as even a cursory listen to these recordings will reveal.

    MOre on roll-out today.

  5. You did some fine, fine mumbling. Don’t worry, though — some of history’s greatest radio personalities did a lot of mumbling. Take Peter Gzowksi, for instance.

    Meanwhile, what was that about the roll-out?


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