Attention Howard Stearns

Now, THIS is what I call an avatar!

[Note to readers unfamiliar with Stearns: he’s the Wetmachanic who blogs under the “Inventing the Future” rubric, usually about avatars of some damn kind or other.][That’s a joke, son.]


  1. Is he big in Japan?

    The early ’80’s spoof “Spinal Tap” used being “big in Japan” as a way for people (or ideas) to have some traction when they weren’t getting popular in the US.

    I think that’s the way a lot of people and ideas work now in virtual worlds, or more generally in virtual Internet identities.

  2. But it’s a cool video, ain’t it? Kind of makes me wish we could have a Ron Paul/Max Headroom simulated animatron for president. Can you imagine him (it?) giving the State of the Union address?

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