Patriot Missle Coverup

This article over at the Register implies that there has been a cover up over the death of two British pilots who were shot down after mistakenly being identified as an Iraq scud by the Patriot missle system. It seems that the military is reluctant to criticize the missle system, given that billions of dollars in sales to foreign governments are pending. Acknowledging its major flaws could be bad for Raytheon’s bottom line.

Hmm… I dimly seem to recall some half-remembered president that nattered on about the threat of the industrial-military complex to American freedom. Or something.


  1. william a moreno

    When an inncident like this occurs i think everyone feel’s was a uncivil and miscalculated mistake,that in equvelent to the money involved in its capabilitys was incomparable to tragedy at hand.not to mention the strpping of america’s sense of security.

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