Intel literally puts the 'surfing' into web surfing

I thought John would find this amusing, since he’s a surfer and all.

Intel has built a surfboard with an embedded wireless laptop.

On the surface of it, this seems like a shoe-in for the Bonehead computer museum. Of course, like the auto industry and its sometimes wacky concept cars, there’s no intention of actually marketing surf boards. It’s all about getting people talking and thinking about computers innovative ways, and yaddah yaddah. Or, more likely, it’s some R&D guy’s excuse to get out of the lab and near bikini clad women on the beach.

(As an aside, if there’s anyone out there reading this who is in charge of an R&D lab’s like Intel, I assure you I can think of many unique and interesting places to cram computer technology that will get you plenty of press… contact me for my salary requirements)

The more you think about it, though, sticking a laptop in a surfboard isn’t such a bad idea. Imagine being able to e-mail from the beach, making people think you’re hard at work while you’re surfing. Who knows, you might even get actual work done between waves.

Assuming the embedded laptop has speakers, you could even load up your entire collection of MP3 surf tunes to get you in the mood while you are waiting for the next big wave.


  1. It looks kinda cool, but something about it seems awful sick to me. I mean, when I’m out on a board the whole idea is to get away from the world.

    Of course now that I’m more than 50 years old and not exactly in fighting trim, any time I’m in the waves you can be sure that all my concentration is on catching waves and not drowning (I have stopped worrying about looking like a jackass, and fretting over my lost ability. . . sigh. . .maybe *next* year I’ll be in shape come 4th of July. . .)

  2. Hello there! What’s going on, everyone?

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