“The Internet Must Go” A Net Neutrality ‘Documentary.’

Look! Secret intelligence report leaked from major broadband access providers about their plans for controlling the Internet! Only network neutrality can save us!


You doubt the authenticity? But it has John Hodgeman! And I’m in it too. So, technically, I am in a movie with John Hodgeman!†In that I am in this movie and so is John Hodgeman.

†The Internet Must Go! (link incase this stupid embed code isn’t working).



OK, Fine. I admit it is actually a pro-Net Neutrality movie (like y’all couldn’t figure that out! Work with me here, OK? I’m trying to meme!) But it is a fun piece that explains why those of us who care about network neutrality care. (Those of you who think net neutrality is the work of Satan are unlikely to be persuaded.)


Since we can’t film today’s oral argument in front of the D.C. Circuit, this half-hour video can update you on the issues instead. Enjoy!


Stay tuned . . . .



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  1. Finally started watching this video. Looks cool. But a 29 minute vid? TOO LONG – you should have offered up a trailer back in September. Yeah, I’ll continue to watch, now, a few months later, but that’s just because I’m an old geek with too much time on my hands. Shame on you for (probably) having a good message but failing on the delivery. No, it didn’t have to be a 6 second vid, but a 3 min vid trailer would have been better.

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