A Star is Born!


  1. Interesting idea. Though I have to say to be technical about it McCain owns NO property. Its all Cindy McCain’s property. Some in trust, some outright. And [which I am sure you will love] if the two got divorced McCain would be homeless as there is a prenup which would preclude McCain from getting anything out of a settlement.

    Though it sounds like fun, it is not good strategy to use a prop that could be used against you or emulated by your opponent. What I mean by that is the Democrats rattle 7-8-9 keys, whatever, at the convention. The Republicans rattle one key, a jail house key, and it has the name tag of REZKO/OBAMA on it. If you use a prop, be sure your opponent can’t duplicate it.

  2. Hello John,

    I think it makes sense for the Democrats to do this. The press has given John McCain a free pass for decades (except the Arizona press), and his “former POW” status has been used ad nauseam to insulate him from criticism and ridicule.

    But ridicule is a powerful tool. It makes an impression on people; it sticks with them. Ridicule of Mike Dukakis in the tank completely deflated him. And since the Rove era began, the Republicans have upped the ante, adding great mounds of slander atop an already giant pile of ridicule. Yknow, Swiftboat, swiftboat, swiftboat. Did I hear somebody say swiftboat? Oh, Swiftboat? Swiftboat? Wasn’t John Kerry on a swiftboat? That guy with the fabulously wealthy wife who owned mansions? That out of touch wealthy guy whose wealthy wife owned mansions? That out of touch wealthy guy whose wealthy wife owned mansions? Wasn’t he on a swiftboat? Swiftboat? Swiftboat? Wealthy out of touch guy? Swiftboat? Didn’t he wear a purple heart band-aid? Purple-heart band-aid? Purple heart band-aid? On a swiftboat? Wealthy Wife Purple Heart Band-aid swiftboat?

    Democrats, it seems to me, are beginning, slowly, to realize that you shouldn’t temper your approach to Republicans in the expectation that Republicans will show restraint in return. Republicans have been playing dirty, loading the dice, cheating, lying, slandering, stealing and rat-fucking in earnest for eight goddamn motherfucking years. And they are not going to stop now. Suggesting that the Democrats should play nice because if they don’t the Republicans may play dirty is what we call “concern trolling.”

    I think it would be funny to see Republicans copy-catting the keychain idea. It would be a weak rejoinder, especially since people associate this Republican administration with corruption.

    The key challenge for the Democrats is to knock Saint John McCain off the pedestal. As long as he’s “WAR HERO John McCain”, he’s in the race. If he becomes “Out of touch rich guy whose billionaire wife has too many houses to count, who pays $276,000 per year to servants”, then I think he’s toast.

    And that $276k number, I believe, is from St. John’s tax form, as I understand it. Not from Cindy’s.

  3. John,

    Don’t get me wrong, I think its a novel idea. Just you don’t want to engage in symmetric political warfare when there is an asymmetric opportunity available.

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