word for the day: neuroeconomics

I first heard the term neuroeconomics in a review of Decisions, Uncertainty, and the Brain: The Science of Neuroeconomics by Paul W. Glimcher in the journal Acumen . (Another review can be found at human-nature.com.) My interest piqued by this new (to me) turn of phrase, a-Googling I did go, and turned up neuroeconomics.com, a blog run by Kevin McCabe, who runs the Behavioral and Neuroeconomics laboratory at George Mason University.

Like the pure psychoanalysts who shuddered to find their theories applied to advertising, I find myself discomfited at seeing my own interest in how the brain works specifically applied to matters of money.

How to make a killing in nanotech without really trying

You know, you can spend millions of dollars on research, burn the midnight oil, and pour out your blood, sweat, and tears to make money off of nanotech. Or, you could just accidentally include a future buzzword du jour in your company’s name and accidentally reap the rewards.

Fools are tossing their money at anything that remotely sounds like the new new thing. I guess the economy is picking up.